“Forever in Blue Jeans”

Now I am gonna start singing “Forever in Blue Jeans”.  I thought I would write a wee blog about the amazing array of brands and styles of jeans that we have in-store and online.

Denim began as a functioning hard wearing fabric complete with rivets for manual labour jobs in America.    However the trend has grown and grown and is now a staple item in nearly each and every one of our wardrobes.  Every decade brings with it new style, colours and fabrics.

Anyone else remember the stunning Levi, Wrangler and Lee posters of the 80’s.  Chest naked men in their denim jeans (oh pick me of the floor please- I remember plaguing the folks in Stinson’s menswear to get the posters-lol).  Or the double denim look – aaaaggghh.    Ladies you can thank me later – now show your appreciation for Mr Pitt in his Levis ad – I had to put this up for the purposes of the blog.

The 90’s brought us Kris Kross  the “backwards jeans”.  Over-sized, straight-legged jeans with extremely high, nipped in waists was the general style to be “fashionable”.  

The noughties brought us “Miss Sixty” along with lots more styles.  How I loved getting into Cuba to pick mine up.  The darker the blue the better and the bigger the kick flare leg style the  more you thought you were “God’s Gift”.   I so blooming wish I could still fit into mine as I am pretty sure that I still have them tucked away somewhere to wear as vintage.

Now we are in an era of most things go!!  Skinny, straight, boyfriend, mum jeans the styles go on and on.  And even better the colours go on and on too.

The most popular denim jeans in Ring O’Rosies are Levi’s – these are available from newborn to age 14 and come in a vast array of styles.

The most popular styles for boys are the 510 skinny look or the 519 super skinny.  Boys are definitely now embracing the skinny leg in jeans – I see such a difference in jean styles from when we opened.

The girls are mainly all in a skinny fit but we have various styles here also including the ever popular jeggings.  The Levi jeans are priced from £28 for a pair of jeans or £24 for jeggings.   everyone who has bought our Levi’s have all returned for more as they are a great fit and a great look jean.  And all have the cute little red tab at the back pocket.

We recently received the Mayoral jeans in and again these are available from baby to age 9 for boys and age 16 for girls.

These jeans need a standing ovation as they are soooo soft and comfy and are all great prices.

The older girls jeans are super trendy and funky – there is a range of “ripped look blue jeans”, worn effect black jeans, moleskin velvet look ones.  And lots more.

Boys are a trendy look blue jean which again are so soft and practical.

The baby jeans are a great buy and match in with lots of different brands.   The baby girls denim has lots of sparkle which add to the cuteness – we always like a bit of bling here @Ringorosies.

And with prices from £21.50 – £33.99- they are a great piece for any of your kideroos wardrobes.

Other super popular jeans for boys are from I Do – they have gotten very popular over the past few seasons and have a trendy edge to them all.  The I Do jeans are available for ages 12 months to 12 years.  These are very well priced from £25.

Timberland denims are also a popular choice with  their skinny legs and trendy look.  We have their denim in black and blue and again available from 12 months to 12 years and are priced from £45.

Finally we have Billieblush and Billybandit.  Their denims are always a step away from the rest.  They are so on trend and sooooo different.

The girls jeans have two tone denim – sparkly dark denim legs with a lighter denim at the waistband, one the pocket money pocket and trimmed on the back pocket.  Roll us the hems and there is Billieblush branding on them.

The younger Billieblush girls have the cutest little pair of jeans available from 6 months.  They are so soft and comfy and very girlie with their buttons and rivets in bright pink.

My youngest boy is a real Billybandit boy and these jeans are right up his street.  The Billybandit jeans are similar to the girls with the two tone denim look the legs are in a mid wash blue and the waistband and pocket money pocket is in a light denim.  On the back of the left leg the word “Awesome” is printed.

I hope this has given you a little insight into the World of denim in Ring O’Rosies.  There are so many styles to choose from so hopefully there will be something to suit your little one (most of our jeans have adjustable waists ensuring a perfect fit) and with a great variety of prices we hope that there is something to suit your purse strings too.

PS the pics shown are only a few examples-  Lots & lots more available……..


Check them all out online……………..


Have A Rosie Day!!!!!!!