That Hard Age Group………..


OMG I have been sitting here for the past few hours trying to write this blog.  I have rewritten it numerous times.   Honestly, my mind is racing that much- I just cannot settle and get it together. Instead I have been up squeezing spots and drinking copious amounts of coffee which has had the opposite effect and now I am fidgeting like mad.

There are so many things that I want to tell you about but my head is spinning with it all.  There are a lot of changes in Ring O’Rosies but this blog is literally coming out like verbal diarrhoea.   The excitement yet the apprehension is dripping out of me.  I love change but I seriously freak out about it.

What I am going to chat today about is our older girl section, as in from age 8 and above!  For years we have sold occasional wear for this age group especially for Confirmation and it has always proved popular.  However we have constantly heard that it is a hard age to buy for and that there are very little shops that cater for this age group.



It wasn’t until my eldest reached this “tween” age that I realised how right my customers are.  I took her shopping to Rushmere shopping a few years ago and ventured into many High street stores and I was so taken aback.  I am no prude but the “sexualisation” of clothes for this age was awful.  It was either this or “Mini Me” clothes.  And I do not want my kids dressing like I do on a night out (a rare occasion these days).

So we started looking at appropriate brands available for girls 8 to 16 years.  We introduced Animal and Converse as more sports luxe brands and both have proven very popular.  They have a range of easy wearing tees and hoodies and can be easily mixed up together.  And with tees starting at £12 they are a great choice for gifts also.

Levi’s is one of the best known brands on the planet especially for its denim products.  Over the years that we have stocked Levi’s it has grown in strength for the older girls.  The older girls has an appealing look for the 8 year plus age group as it has the darker colours, still a bit of bling plus it is branded and the mums love it as it has a grown up look without being inappropriate and washes like a dream.

Our two new brands this season for older girls is Mayoral and NoNo.  For Mayoral think skinny jeans, printed tees, leather jackets, fur trimmed denim jackets and so much more.  It has tones of black/ grey, beige and cream.  This brand I feel will be popular as it is super stylish but also great priced (more so the mums will care about this bit).  Take a sweet skater dress and add a black leather jacket to give it a cutting edge look – very appealing to the older girls.  The NoNo is a quirkier look – think bomber jackets with matching tassel scarfs in brighter more original colours.  Lots of stunning printed trousers and drop-waist dresses.


As our older girls, always has a good sell through in these brands, we are still on the look-out for new brands.   For next SS19 we have a few more to add to the mix (please some one stop me buying aaaggghh).  The main one is DKNY, I have gotten the tween approval of this from my daughter and many of her friends.  This is definitely a very “street” brand and has a wonderful collection of retro shorts, sports leggings, funky hoodies and WOW tees.  We also checked out the Espirit range hoping it would suit that older girl.  We did get a few pieces- mainly skinny jeans and printed tees which are inexpensive but edgy and funky.  To be honest we were a bit disappointed in the older girl range.  However, as usual we go over-board in our buying, so we checked out the younger girl range and it is fab!!  It is a brand that would remind me of the Mexx range that we used to stock.  Very wearable, very good prices and bright, bright colours.  You will love it!


I hope that there is something to keep all those “tweens and teens” happy with our ranges.  I am super excited to receive all the brands in within the next few weeks and definitely feel that it will bring a new element to our shop.

Have a Rosie Day!!