Love Is In The Air!!!!


Last night I was wrecking my head what to write in a blog.   I was sending ideas to “My Two Beasts” (a joke from my Instastories)  and they were getting hit right back to me – too boring, Oh really!! What Crap!!  So I asked if they had any ideas and bah humbug, Beast 2, said write about the over commercialisation of Valentines Day, so it got my thinking.

I came down this morning to be greeted with a lovely bunch of roses, my favourite Lindor chocolates and a card.  I was a little surprised but by heck he would have been in trouble if there hadn’t been something to show his unrequited love for me.

As much as I would love to be whisked out for dinner, from past experience we don’t go out for Valentines Dinner.  Once, long before marriage, before kids, before stress- we headed out for a romantic meal.  We were greeted with glasses of Prosecco at the door, to be honest I think if I carbonated my own urine it would have tasted nicer.  The dinner cost a fortune and was slapped on the plate.  I was given a rose that had seen better days – all in all a most disappointing experience and needless to say 17 years later we have never went out on Valentines night again.

Last night the kids were so excited about this Special Day and wanted to go out for dinner tonight.  Could you imagine rocking up to an eatery on Valentines night with 4 weeuns in tow.  Could you imagine the brow beat look of the parents in the restaurant as we enter and the slow, continuous nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo as they had gotten a night away from their Monsters only to spend it with mine.   So instead I have decided to cook a Valentines night for all the squad – complete with new red tablecloths and heart shaped napkins.  I have fully fell hook, line and sinker for this Commercial heaven (though the tablecloths were reduced to 25p so I even bought two).

Ok, ok I am completely off track.  Why do we need one day a year to declare our love and spoil each other, should we not express this on a more regular basis.  As much as it was lovely to receive the gifts this morning wouldn’t it be a nice surprise at a random time of the year.  Possibly when I am feeling down/ anxious/ stressed (ok john would argue I’m one of them nearly every week lol).  We should tell our loved ones that we love them more often and not just because the card companies think we should.

Another reason why we shouldn’t flood our Social Media with Valentines Loveys is there are many out there who can’t.  Someone could have lost a partner, maybe they work away from home, maybe they are lonely and these expressions of love can be a bit grating for them.  I was in a local shop today and the young man serving me told me that him and his fella divorced this year and that he was finding today quite hard already and this was before 9am, so I imagine him sitting eating a wee microwave dinner tonight listening to “All By Myself”.

I do think today is just a complete money spinner, however I do get quite absorbed as I hang my heart fans from the roof and throw chocolates and candles on the table for decorations but this year its for all of us together as a unit.

Don’t even get me started on Galentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!