Mum’s The Word Northern Ireland Style

Many of you have joined on to my new group on the Ring O’Rosies page, called Mum’s The Word Northern Ireland Style.   So why make a group on your page?

To be 100% honest with you I started the group as I recently attended a course on Facebook.  Facebook has changed how business pages are viewed so the more of “certain content” that you have on your page the higher that it will raise your profile on people pages.    That sounds a whole technical way to describe it but this is why I and many other businesses are placing groups on their page.

So now all I had to do was come up with an idea.  This was the hard part!! I wanted something that was topical, fun and something that my customers could relate too.  And something that I would enjoy.  So I thought why not a Mums Support group.   A bit of assistance if you have any problems or worries, or maybe support during pregnancy, teething, weaning, puberty, teenage years or help with days out etc.  Now none of us are experts (well maybe some) but it is good to get advice from other mums/ grannies/ aunties etc who are stumbling through too.


Lots of people when they get married move away from home to a new area and might feel a bit “out of their depth” especially if they are a new parent.  The group can offer support and help, you can add a post through the administrator if you want it to be anonymous or just add directly on to the page.

I couldn’t think of a name and my dear friend Eimear came up with Mum’s The Word.  We added the Northern Ireland style as I want the page to be a bit of banter that everyone can enjoy.  I love my logo which the lovely Cliona Malone designed – so all mums helping mums!!

I am absolutely blown away by how popular the group has gotten – within less than a week the members numbers have now grown to 578 – Which is phenomenal!! Thank you to everyone who has joined xx

I have been stopped numerous times out and about with people making reference to the group which I am pleased as punch about.

Please add any of your friends who may benefit from the group and can help the rest of us stumble through parenthood together and with fun!!

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