These are a Few of my Favourite Things!!

I feel like a wee song “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”.  I have decided to write a wee blog about my favourite things in the shop this season.  To be fair this has been blooming hard I have far too many favourite things………………….

Right!!  So baby wear, girls first, my firm favourite is the Emile et Rose floral jumpsuit.  This is the most gorgeous print -such a comfortable and show stopping outfit.

Lilly and Sid is always a great seller for baby boys.  I think, this season for me, it has to be the three piece set – shirt, body and trousers.  This set is so versatile as you can wear it so many ways.  Perfect for Sunny days or those a little bit more overcast.

For the toddlers (age 12 months – 4 years), there is so many adorable brands for this age group.  I love when kids are at that stage of babbling and starting to walk etc.

My favourite toddler girls outfit this season has to be something from Agatha Ruiz, as it is bright and colourful and FUN!!  I have chosen this wee dress as I love the cerise pink colour and how it is “set off” with the flower print skirt and frontage.  Match it with cerise leggings for those little tots still crawling.  (Dress and leggings available to age 8)

I actually find the boys wear harder to pick a favourite as I have favs in most of the brands, Timberland, Levi’s, Converse, Lyle and Scott, Animal, Farah, Lighthouse, Billybandit, I Do and Babybol.  These brands are all so different but each one has amazing pieces this season……….

My favourite toddler boys outfit (aged 12m-4 years)  would probably one of the shorts and top sets.  I especially love the one below, as it is super cute and very versatile, it is only £27-29 for both pieces.  The shorts are a bit dressier so can be matched with a shirt or the polo top could be worn with a pair of jeans so plenty of wear out of the two pieces.

For my girls I love many of our brands such as Mim-Pi, Billieblush, Lilly and Sid, A*dee etc.  For this age group 4-10, I am gonna go for one of the dresses from Rosalita Senorita.

This dress makes me smile! It has a sunny, fun, town print on the front but it is the little details such as the rainbow buttons at the back that make it my favourite.  I can just imagine a little girl with a wee tan wearing this out on a sunny day.

I am loving our Timberland collection so I am choosing some of it as my older boys look.  The colours in this collection are amazing and so different for all the fellas.  The combinations are orange and cobalt blue and lime green and a dusky blue colour-ways.

I have chosen the denim shorts , the lime green boot tee and the navy and green rain jacket.  I love how this outfit is so fresh and trendy but also that you can get great wear out off the denim shorts as they will match lots of pieces.  The tee is the most fab colour and it has a funky Timberland boot print on the front. And to be fair in Ireland we always need a rain jacket handy…………………


I also decided to do my favourite item of clothing for the older girls (up to age 14) for those that like the trendy, comfortable look.  This age group have loved our brands such as Converse, Levis, Animal, and Yumi for a more casual wardrobe.

For this I actually asked my eldest and her friend and they agreed that the Animal hoodies, the Converse tees and the Levi’s denim shorts  would be the ideal look.  BTW they both have the Animal hoodies and wear them to death!!!  These items are all available to age 14.



Most of our boys ranges go up to age 14 and my favourite pieces for these older lads would have to be a Lyle & Scott striped Polo shirt matched with a pair of soft Levis jeans.


Hope you like my choices and honestly there are soooo many beautiful pieces in this season.


Have a Rosie Day!!!!


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